Step 1 : Read Me Before Registration
    Before you Register, please go through the following details to ensure a smooth Registration
  • You can register for only one course at a time. Only after completion of that course, You can take up another course.
  • By clicking Here Go through the List of Courses & syllabus and decide a suitable course for you.
  • Click Here and view the List of Learning Centres all over India and decide the Learning Centre
    Method 1: The candidate can take DD in any nationalised bank for the prescribed amount.
    Method 2: The candidate may remit the Fees By CASH at the Learning Centre after registration till the date of commencement of the Course.
Step 2 : Registration
  • If you are a New Participant, Click Here to Register.
  • If you have already Registered,Click Here to Login to go to further steps.
Step 3 :Payment of Fees
  • If you want to pay the amount by CASH, then Download the Cash Receipt form after successful registration and Pay the Cash at your Learning Centre on or before the date of commencement of Course.
Step 4 :Registration Approval By Coordinator
  • On Completion of Step 2 ( i.e. After Payment of Fees and after entering the payment details in this site), You can download study material related to the First Week of your course. When you hand over the dd copy of the Learning Centre to the Coordinator, the coordinator will approve your Registration and you can view the remaining study materials and able to attend the practical classes.
  • The Centre Coordinator should be satisfied with the proof of your payment and your educational qualifications/other credentials.
  • Click here to view the contact number and other details of your Centre Coordinator as well as the details of proof need to be submitted.
Step 5 :Download Study Materials
  • On Completion of the above four steps you will be able to download the Study Materials
Step 6 :Practical classes and Exams
  • Practical Class Details and Exam Details will be informed to you, after approval of your Registration.
Step 7 :Receive the Certificate
  • On passing the exam, you will receive the course completion certificate in person
  • Those who have not qualified in the Exam have to reappear for the Exam.